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MFA Suite™: INCA Application Commercial Non Exclusive End-User License


MFA Suite™: INCA (ISOTOPOMER NETWORK COMPARTMENTAL ANALYSIS) is a MATLAB-based software package for isotopomer network modeling and metabolic flux analysis. The software can simulate both steady-state and transient isotope labeling experiments using the elementary metabolite unit (EMU) method. It can also estimate pathway fluxes based on extracellular flux measurements, pool size measurements, and/or mass isotopomer measurements supplied to the program. The software can perform a variety of statistical tests to determine goodness-of-fit, to compute parameter confidence intervals (i.e., uncertainty), and to assess model identifiability. It can also perform constraint-based analysis of metabolic networks (e.g., flux balance analysis, flux coupling analysis, etc.) and optimize the design of isotope labeling experiments using computational search algorithms.


  • INCA Application is provided as MATLAB P-code
  • INCA users will need to have independent licenses to MATLAB with Statistics and Optimization Toolboxes
  • The license shown below is designed to commence upon Vanderbilt’s delivery of software download instructions to Licensee and terminate one year from the delivery date
  • This license is designed for use by five or fewer designated users who are employees of the licensee. Please contact us if you have questions about the licensing process


    After you decide to license and agree to the terms below, you will be asked to provide contact information through the checkout system. Payment can be made in the form of a Purchase Order or using a credit card. Upon successful completion of this process, including necessary review and approval of your license application, you will receive an email with download instructions. (Application approval may take 5-7 business days). Detailed checkout instructions are available at this link

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    Please carefully read the following MFA Suite™, INCA Non-Exclusive End-User License Agreement. Your selection of the "I accept the terms in the license agreement" option is a representation and warranty that you have the requisite authority and legal capacity to bind your organization to this Agreement. By selecting the "I accept the terms in the license agreement" option below this Agreement, you, as an authorized representative of your institution, indicate your institution’s irrevocable acceptance of its terms and conditions and agree to be bound as set forth therein. Further, your acceptance signifies your institutions’ understanding and acknowledgment that this Agreement constitutes and contains the total agreement between your institution and Vanderbilt University with respect to this transaction. In accepting this Agreement, you further acknowledge that any agreements entered into by your institution prior or contemporaneously with this Agreement, whether oral or in writing, are excluded. By selecting the "I accept the terms in the license agreement" option, you specifically acknowledge, represent, and agree that any other terms and conditions contained in an invoice, acknowledgment, purchase order or any other document sent by or on behalf of you or the organization you represent in this transaction shall be void and of no effect.

  • You must choose "I accept the terms in the license agreement" for your order to be processed.

    This is a software product that is taxable in according with the TN Sales and Use Tax Notice #15-14.